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We are adhering to public health unit restrictions.
Available for pick-up or delivery only at this time.
Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Phone: 705-320-9828

153 Kent St. W., Lindsay, ON


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Enjoy a Slice of Home

With the success of Wholesome Foods Catering, we now proudly serve an exclusive menu at The Club House Restaurant in Lindsay! From light lunch options to a variety of soup and sandwiches, The Club House is excited to serve the City of Kawartha Lakes with delicious meals made locally.

The Club House Restaurant is a great place to have a relaxing social lunch, pick up fresh meals to-go, and plan catering services for your event. We have a full-service dining room, which offers a variety of meals and services with the same quality and care Wholesome Foods Catering is known for. We are proud to employ locally, buy local ingredients to support farmers, and use local products whenever we can. When you support The Club House Restaurant, you support the local economy. When you dine with us, you support a local family that supports other local businesses. We love our community and want to give back in the best way we know how: food!

Gather with Our Community

Our food is homemade with a professional touch. It is reasonably priced, and as our customer, you are guaranteed excellent service. Our team is experienced, reliable, considerate, and caring of our community. Charmin’s Wholesome Foods Catering & Meals and The Club House Restaurant takes care of everything when you work with us, from always being on time to providing additional plates when needed. We love to cook! Let us share our special item menu with you when you join us for lunch at The Club House Restaurant.

Charmin’s Wholesome Foods Catering & Meals and The Club House Restaurant is available to prepare and deliver meals to elderly community members, busy families, students, businesses, and more. Contact us to arrange a professionally home-cooked meal delivered to your door today.

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'The Club House' Menu


Tea (choose your teacup and pot)   |   $2.25
Organic Coffee – Reunion Island Tropical Alliance   |   $2.25
Hot Chocolate   |   $2.25  
      (choice of creams, milk)

Water, Varieties of Pop   |   $1.50     
Juice, Milk, Iced Tea   |   $1.75    
Lemon Slice  add $.25



Dressings Available: 
Ranch, French, Italian, Thousand Islands, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Greek, Balsamic, Asian Sesame, Poppyseed

Garden (Romaine Lettuce, Spring Greens, Tomatoes, Peppers, Red Onions, Cucumbers, Shredded Carrot)     Small   |   $5.75    •    Large   |   $8.75

Caesar (Romaine Lettuce, Fresh Bacon and Parmesan, Croutons / Creamy Caesar Dressing)     Small   |   $7.50    •    Large   |   $10.50

Orange Almond (Romaine Lettuce, spring greens, pepper medley, red onions, bacon, cranberries, toasted almonds and with raspberry vinaigrette dressing)     Small   |   $7.50    •    Large   |   $10.50

Greek (Romaine Lettuce, Peppers, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Olives, Feta Cheese and Greek Vinaigrette Dressing)     Small   |   $7.50    •    Large   |   $10.50

Spinach (Fresh Baby Spinach, Mushrooms, Bacon, Red Onions, Egg Slivers with Poppyseed Dressing)     Small   |   $7.50    •    Large   |   $10.50

Cobb (Romaine Lettuce, Egg Slivers, Bacon, Tomatoes, Avocado, Blue Cheese, Green Onions and with Ranch Dressing)     Small   |   $7.50    •    Large   |   $10.50

Add Chicken, Lemon Dill Salmon or Garlic Seasoned Tilapia to any salad   |   $3.99

Small Coleslaw   |   $1.99



Ask about our varied desserts:

Pie of the Day

Squares and Cookies

Cookies – ask about sugar-free and gluten-free options!


whole wheat, white or rye bread – toasted or plain available.
gluten free bread – 25¢ extra
wraps – 25¢ extra
low-carb almond flour biscuits – $1.00 extra


Our Tea Menu is now being offered everyday all day!
Fancy sandwiches, fresh scone, jam, elegant dessert/fruit treats
Tea or Coffee   |   $9.75


Variety Sandwich Plate with 4 dainty sandwich triangles, veg. garnish   |   $4.75

Fresh Roast Beef, Turkey or Chicken Sandwich with cheese, tomato, lettuce – garnished with orange slice and pickle   |   $5.50

Condiments available self serve: mayo, mustard, honey mustard, horseradish, cranberries


Ask about our Hot Sandwich Special of the Day!



Soup of the Day – made from wholesome, healthy ingredients, including fresh scone, garnish   |   $4.99

Soup of the day, Half Sandwich (Egg, Tuna-cheddar, Salmon, Ham/Swiss, Seasoned Deli Beef/Cheddar or Deli Smoked Turkey/Provolone) and Garden Salad   |   $8.75

Soup with Half Sandwich (Egg, Tuna-cheddar, Salmon, Ham/Swiss, Seasoned Deli Beef/Cheddar or Deli Smoked Turkey/Provolone), Pickle and Orange Garnish   |  $5.50

Soup with side Garden Salad and Orange Garnish   |  $5.50    •    upgrade salad  $1.00 extra

Beef Chili (mild, lots of beef, beans, gluten free, slightly sweet) with Garlic Toast   |  $5.99

Turkey Chili (low fat option, gluten free) with Garlic Toast   |  $5.99

Veggie Chili  (full of veggies) with Garlic Toast (ask for gluten-free)   |  $5.99

Cheesy Beef Lasagna with Garlic Toast and Caesar Salad   |  $11.75


Quiche of the Day   |  $4.75
with Orange Almond Salad   |  $8.75


Customers Reviews

They Treat Everyone Like Family
Me and the guys from the tattoo shop have been eating from Charmin's place for over 18 years. The food is amazing and they treat everyone like family that walks through their doors. Thanks for the 18 years and here’s to many more.
Jay Howran
The Staff is Very Caring and Attentive
This restaurant has excellent food.
The staff is very caring and attentive.
The restaurant is very clean and has a very relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Almost like being in the comfort of your own home.
Shawn Desouza
Would Absolutely Come Back
Very well made food, great price.
Stopped for lunch,
would absolutely come back.
Joseph Sutton
Super Sweet & Kind People
Super sweet & kind people. Very professional. Would totally recommend!
Ps. the vegetarian lasagna is delicious.